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God Gifted Virtues

God Gifted Virtues eBook a family study with over 120 printables

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This was born out of wanting my children to actively participate in devotionals. With our children, needing to work on our penmanship, fine-motor skills and relationships, this seemed a great combination and natural integration of all these!

In this guide you will find a three-fold objective:

  • One, is to have unity within your family.
  • Two, is prayer. To equip you, the parents, with the full knowledge and tools to pray for your children.
  • The third, is understanding, through memorization and a little schooling.

This can be as short as a 13 week study. Or take each Virtue as an individual study in itself and focus on one verse a week (which can make this study a year long and more).

God Gifted Virtues TOC

God loves His children.

Because of his great love he sent Jesus to demonstrate His ultimate love.

Once the light of Jesus was no longer on earth, he blessed us with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit was left for us when Jesus died for our sins and was no longer here with us on earth. This Spirit dwelling within us has granted us the strength, through Christ, to strive for these virtues.

They are gifts from God. Without God, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit we would not have the knowledge of what true examples of these are. Nor would we have the strength to overcome our selfishness as human beings.

For each Virtue you will find:

  • An opening verse of evidence.
  • A “definition“ to discuss.
  • Three to five supporting scriptures and discussion.
  • A suggested question for discussion
  • A copy work page for each scripture.
  • A prayer/memory card for each verse to be able to post in your home and use for memorization.

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God Gifted Virtues Sample Pages

For the copy work pages you can allow children to use whatever writing instrument they would like  – pencil, crayon, marker pen! OR a great paper saver is to use plastic pockets with dry erase markers. Then they can practice over and over!

I learned much in studying this myself. Particularly how much we are called foremost to be selfless as Jesus was – to which all these virtues are tied. I think it is a great study for all ages, young and old!

To order and receive by email send $8.95 by paypal to yourthrivingfamily@gmail.com and put “God Gifted Virtues” in the subject line. You will then receive a link to download the eBook. I hope it blesses you and your children!

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